NCCpm - Nehemiah Week 4

May 5, 2024    Pastor Cedric Hill

Nehemiah 8 

-Hunger for Jesus precedes revival 

-What are you satisfying your hunger with? 

-Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness 

-Hunger for Jesus is what will bring victory 

-Our outer posture should be reflective of what God is doing on the inside … rags and dust on the heads is a symbol of mourning 

-Revival happens in you before it happens around you 

-What would it look like to worship God with our body? 

-Practicing the presentation of our body trains us to be oriented around the throne of grace 

Without confession and repentance, our hunger for sin will grow rather than our hunger for God 

-Repentance is just choosing which way to turn, and keeps us from drifting - if we don’t make that choice then the choice will be made for us through the default setting of the fall of man 

As repentance grows, faith grows 

-An appetite for God is the result of the immersion in the story of God