NCC - ACTS Week 2

May 26, 2024    Pastor Jimmy Ellison

📖Read Acts 16:25-30          

God is always working towards our salvation and rescuing us.

•Every circumstance can be a salvation opportunity. ( v.25: It’s midnight and Paul and Silas are singing hymns to God even after they’ve been beaten and falsely thrown into jail. They are still praising and worshipping!)

•Misunderstanding our circumstances leads to bad life choices. (When we don’t understand God working in our circumstances, it can cause us to make some pretty bad life choices.)

•Our salvation impacts all those around us. (The love of Jesus will cause you to help others experience His salvation.)


Salvation set us free (past tense) from the penalty and power of sin. (Justification)

Salvation sets us free (present tense) to walk in freedom over sin. (Sanctification)